Braille & Tactile



We hold a Braille license and manufacture
our Braille and Tactile signage in-house.
These signs meet DDA requirements.

Need help with the Disability and
Discrimination Act?

We understand this Act and can provide
you with assistance in selecting the
appropriate DDA signage needed for you
to conform.

Please contact us to discuss your project.




  • Braille & Tactile Lift Sign
  • Braille & Tactile Toilet Sign
  • Braille & Tactile Mens Toilets Sign
  • DDA Compliant Sign
  • Male & Female Toilet Sign
  • Braille Wash Cubicle Signage
  • Tactile Lettering
  • Tactile Entrance Sign
  • Tactile Toilet Directory
  • Braille & Tactile Door Sign
Braille & Tactile Lift Sign1 Braille & Tactile Toilet Sign2 Braille & Tactile Mens Toilets Sign3 DDA Compliant Sign4 Male & Female Toilet Sign5 Braille Wash Cubicle Signage6 Tactile Lettering7 Tactile Entrance Sign8 Tactile Toilet Directory9 Braille & Tactile Door Sign10