Signage Display
Cases & Boards

There are many forms of
signage display cases
and boards to suite the environment
and purpose requirement.
Either Display Case or board can be
supplied in literally any colour and
any size, the specification for
Display Cases or Boards are varied
and can even be bespoke depending
on requirement.

Signs & Safety Ltd are a leading
supplier of Display Cases and Boards
to many Schools, Local Authorities and
other orginisations.

Please contact us to discuss your project.


  • College Display Case
  • Covered Lockable Display Case System
  • Internal Display Case
  • Lectern Lockable Display Case
  • Lockable Display Case
  • Park Display Case
  • School Display Case
  • Shaped Sign With Display Case
  • Slimline cases
College Display Case1 Covered Lockable Display Case System2 Internal Display Case3 Lectern Lockable Display Case4 Lockable Display Case5 Park Display Case6 School Display Case7 Shaped Sign With Display Case8 Slimline cases9