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Monolith Sign System

What is a Monolith or Totem sign system?

Monoliths are high end systems that can help
provide your organization with an impressive
external or internal image.

These types of systems are free standing signs
that tend to be tall and slim and viewed from all
angles. We can provide single or double sided,
flat or curved fronted, even triangular.

Monolith and Totem signs are designed so that
your business really makes an impact and can
be seen from far away.

Please contact us to discuss your project.



  • Raised Lettering on Monolith
  • External & Internal Monoliths
  • Internally Lit & Tray Monolith
  • Tray Monoliths
  • Double Sided Shaped Monolith
  • Internally Lit Brushed Srtainless monolith
  • Monoliths that Stand Out
  • Curved Monolith Systems 2
  • Curved Monolith Systems
  • Clean & Crisp Monoliths
Raised Lettering on Monolith1 External & Internal Monoliths2 Internally Lit & Tray Monolith3 Tray Monoliths4 Double Sided Shaped Monolith5 Internally Lit Brushed Srtainless monolith6 Monoliths that Stand Out7 Curved Monolith Systems 28 Curved Monolith Systems9 Clean & Crisp Monoliths10