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exhibition signage

Art-Lovers Fall For Gallery Hoax

While you’d think the lack of exhibition signage would have been a real giveaway, a crowd of art appreciators at a gallery in San Francisco found themselves falling for a hoax set up by a 17-year-old prankster. TJ Khayatan was taking in some of the pieces at the SFMOMA with his friends when they began to question some of the exhibitions which the gallery housed, Read More →

safety signage

Young Drivers Understand ‘Emoji Road Signs’ Better Than Real Ones

When it comes to road safety signage is incredibly important. Road signs give important information on specific roads which could be instrumental in preventing an accident, however, according to a new study from MORETH>N insurance, young drivers are not familiar with the meaning of road signs. The research found that young drivers had difficulty deciphering road signs meaning, but fared much better when faced with Read More →

school signage

DfT Updates Child Crossing Road Safety Sign

You may well soon start to notice on your way to drop the kids off at school that the school signage by the side of the road looks a little different. Well, don’t panic – you’re not going mad. The Department for Transport (DfT) has just unveiled a newly revamped road sign to replace the old image of two children crossing the road. Some of the changes Read More →

traffic signage

Govt Gives Wakefield Council Deadline To Remove Old Signs

The government has announced plans to reduce the number of traffic signage on the roads, calling councils to take down out-of-date boards that may confuse drivers and pedestrians. Local authorities that put temporary signage up when doing roadwork will have a ‘remove by date’ indicating when they have to take the signs down. While they are supposed to be removed after three months, they are often Read More →