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a board signage

Why It Is Important To Translate Signs Properly

Signs are used to communicate a message to people in the easiest and quickest way possible. However, often when they are translated into a different language to target two linguistic markets, their message can be lost. An article in the Daily Mail found several signage displays that have very little meaning when translated from their original language into English. For instance, a warning a board Read More →

safety signage

Disney World Under Fire For Lack Of Alligator Safety Signage

If your business operates somewhere where there is a danger to the general public, you must ensure you have the appropriate safety signage erected in order to warn people of the risks. The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, one of Disney world’s top resorts, has come under fire this month (June 16th) because of a lack of safety signs in the Seven Seas Lagoon, where Read More →

door signage on london underground

Concerns Raised Over Number Of Londoners Falling Through Tube Gaps

The gap between the train platform and the Tube appears to be a growing cause for concern after new trains were brought in that are level with the platform in order to improve access for wheelchairs. According to the London Evening Standard, the gap at stations with curved platforms is therefore wider, including the Metropolitan line at Baker Street. Before the new S-stock trains were introduced, no Read More →