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Is Your Bespoke Signage Dementia-Friendly?

Changes to the bespoke signage for public toilet facilities has been in the news for quite some time now, with all sorts of big name brands taking action to ensure that the signs are fully inclusive to cover those who may have invisible disabilities. But what about people who are living with dementia and finding day-to-day life an ever-increasing struggle? Mary Marshall of the University Read More →

Internal Signage Near Vending Machines May Encourage Healthy Eating

If you want to encourage healthy eating at your place of business, you might want to consider putting internal signage up near your vending machines to showcase the healthier snacks and drinks that can be purchased. A new study from Yale University in the US has found that while slashing prices of healthier items by 25 per cent didn’t persuade people to buy, promotional signs Read More →

Somerset Council Claims Priorities For Road Signs Need To Change

Somerset County Council has stated that, due to funding cuts from central government, the county has had to reassess its priority for spending on road signs. The council said that, due to budget cuts, it needed to prioritise the “small budget for highways signs towards mandatory hazard and safety signs”, rather than directional signage. Speaking to the Wellington Weekly News, Clayhidon parish councillor Alison Weekes Read More →

Do To Let Signage Boards Encourage Burglars?

Estate agents in Manchester could soon be prohibited from putting up to let signage boards outside houses around the city, after council chiefs suggested that these signs in student areas like Withington and Fallowfield make properties seem like easy targets for burglars. According to the Manchester Evening News, some have suggested that these signs (many of which are left up all year round) are unattractive Read More →

Online Access Guides Produced For NHS Properties

NHS Property Services has partnered with DisabledGo to produce a series of access guides covering a number of its hospitals and other sites, to give people detailed information about how accessible different sites are. Among the information included in the guides is information about walking distances to toilets, hearing assistance and signage. They also cover information about car parks, other transport options to get to Read More →

Cotham School Installs Gender Neutral Toilet Signs On Site

Businesses of all kinds are increasingly focusing on inclusivity these days and now a school in Bristol has taken steps to ensure that its toilets aren’t discriminatory and that the entire site is welcoming to all who visit. According to the Bristol Post, Cotham has now installed school signage on its toilet doors that feature disabled insignia, as well as wording that says ‘toilet for Read More →

Tesco Toilet Internal Signage To Include Invisible Disabilities

It’s something that’s been in the news a lot over the last few months or so and now Tesco has taken steps to be more inclusive with its internal signage as well, opting to change its disabled toilet signs so that they cover those with invisible disabilities and illnesses. According to the Sun, men and women will also be added to the sign that already Read More →

Elderly Newport Residents Calling For New Road Safety Measures

Elderly and disabled residents in one Newport street are calling on their local city council to introduce new traffic calming measures, including reducing the speed limit to 20 mph. Speaking to the South Wales Argus, resident Edward Robinson claimed that the drop kerbs are not up to scratch, and that the road should be resurfaced with tarmac, rather than the concrete that’s currently in place. Read More →

Food Waste Signage Boards To Feature In Supermarkets

Figures from waste and recycling advisory organisation Wrap show that around 7.3 million tonnes of food waste was thrown away from households in the UK in 2015, up from the seven million tonnes binned back in 2012. Wasting food is not only bad for the environment because it generates greenhouse gasses, but it’s also bad for people’s back pockets – which is why we’re sure Read More →

What Are The Rules For External Advertising Signage?

If you want to commission some new external signage for your business that advertises a particular service, product or event you’re involved with, there are some regulations you need to be aware of. Primary among them is that if you’re planning to have advertising signage that’s larger than 0.3m, or that’s illuminated regardless of the size, you’ll need to apply for planning permission. This applies Read More →

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