Somerset Council Claims Priorities For Road Signs Need To Change

Somerset County Council has stated that, due to funding cuts from central government, the county has had to reassess its priority for spending on road signs.

The council said that, due to budget cuts, it needed to prioritise the “small budget for highways signs towards mandatory hazard and safety signs”, rather than directional signage.

Speaking to the Wellington Weekly News, Clayhidon parish councillor Alison Weekes explained that there is currently a crossroads on the fast ridge road without a sign. This is because the original sign was flattened in an accident over a year ago.

A spokesman for Somerset County Council added that they value fingerposts and are currently working with heritage colleagues to create a guidance document that will cover the “surveying, restoration and maintenance of fingerposts”.

However, this means that no new signage is expected to be installed at this particular junction in the near future.

While directional signage isn’t essential on the UK’s roads, it can be a big help to motorists, particularly those from outside an area

Last month it was revealed that a window cleaner in North Staffordshire was using his window cleaning equipment to clean up the area’s road signs.

Trevor Robinson decided to start washing dirty signs he saw, to ensure motorists can read safety information, know local speed limits and don’t get lost.

“Some are almost invisible so it really helps drivers, especially at night. I just wanted to give something back to the community,” he stated.

After posting about his efforts on social media, other window cleaners are now reportedly doing the same.

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