Internal Signage Near Vending Machines May Encourage Healthy Eating

If you want to encourage healthy eating at your place of business, you might want to consider putting internal signage up near your vending machines to showcase the healthier snacks and drinks that can be purchased.

A new study from Yale University in the US has found that while slashing prices of healthier items by 25 per cent didn’t persuade people to buy, promotional signs proved to be more effective at driving positive behaviours in this regard, Reuters reports.

With drinks machines, it was found that restocking the machine with healthier choices and then putting up promotional signs was linked to higher sales of 204 units. And in snack machines, putting in healthier items and discounting them was associated with extra sales of 460 units.

Lead author of the study Jeannette Ickovics said: “Sometimes all we need is a little ‘nudge’ with some promotional signs reminding us to make the healthier choice – products lower in sugar, salt and fat.”

Of course, if you’re determined for people to eat healthily, stocking your vending machines at work or elsewhere with purely healthy treats will encourage this without the use of signs – but you might end up having to field a few complaints from staff looking to get their next chocolate fix.

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