Tesco Toilet Internal Signage To Include Invisible Disabilities

It’s something that’s been in the news a lot over the last few months or so and now Tesco has taken steps to be more inclusive with its internal signage as well, opting to change its disabled toilet signs so that they cover those with invisible disabilities and illnesses.

According to the Sun, men and women will also be added to the sign that already has the symbol of someone in a wheelchair on it to help encourage people with invisible illnesses and so on make use of these facilities without feeling as though they’re not allowed to.

Chrohn’s & Colitis UK has been campaigning for this change for quite some time, sending out an impressive 19,000 emails to the big name supermarkets in just five months asking them to change their toilet signs.

“It’s a small change but for some people, it takes the stigma away from someone using the facilities who may not have an obvious disability,” a spokesman from Tesco told the news source.

A recent research project from Sheffield Hallam University found that public toilets have become discriminatory against a lot of demographics that do need to use them. For example, disabled people often find that accessible toilets are not actually accessible to them, while transgender people also often report back that such public facilities are difficult for them to make use of.

It’s certainly worth taking the time to review your signage at your place of business to see if you can make it more inclusive. If you need help or advice in this regard, get in touch with us today.

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