Cotham School Installs Gender Neutral Toilet Signs On Site

Businesses of all kinds are increasingly focusing on inclusivity these days and now a school in Bristol has taken steps to ensure that its toilets aren’t discriminatory and that the entire site is welcoming to all who visit.

According to the Bristol Post, Cotham has now installed school signage on its toilet doors that feature disabled insignia, as well as wording that says ‘toilet for all genders’ on it. The school also has loos that can be used by both genders at the same time.

Headteacher Jo Butler told the news source: “We regularly talk about inclusivity and we are proud of the fact we are a highly inclusive school. It is something we feel very passionate about. There is a recognised need within society to cater to everyone’s needs no matter what gender they might happen to be.”

She went on to observe that the debate about the issue of gender has moved on in the last couple of years and younger demographics are typically a lot more relaxed about it all.

Other companies that are making waves in this way include Tesco, which has just made the move to change its disabled signs on its toilets to cover those who have invisible disabilities and illnesses, while Asda recently did the same. And ferry firm Condor also recently changed signs on toilet doors so that they featured male and female gender symbols following a complaint from a transgender passenger.

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