Do To Let Signage Boards Encourage Burglars?

Estate agents in Manchester could soon be prohibited from putting up to let signage boards outside houses around the city, after council chiefs suggested that these signs in student areas like Withington and Fallowfield make properties seem like easy targets for burglars.

According to the Manchester Evening News, some have suggested that these signs (many of which are left up all year round) are unattractive and make parts of the city undesirable. What’s more, with the majority of renters looking for homes online or by going to letting agents in person, it may well be that these signs are no longer required in any case.

Now, a pilot scheme is being considered asking estate and letting agents to remove these signs, since they can have a negative impact on the housing market. Legally, the boards must be taken down from a property after 14 days of a tenancy being agreed, but some of them appear to be left up permanently.

Town hall environment chief councillor Rosa Battle was quoted by the news source as saying: “The high concentration of these signs in some areas of the city creates an unsightly¬†blot on the landscape and can be a real eyesore for local residents. In addition, the signs may help identify properties rented by students, seen by criminals as easy targets.”

According to UK Crime Stats, between January and December 2016, there were 168 burglaries in Fallowfield, so it may well be a step in the right direction if these signs are taken down. Students often forget to insure their belongings as well, so affording them extra protection where possible also seems like a good idea.


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