Projecting Signage

  • Projecting Acrylic Sign
  • Projecting Bar Hanging Sign
  • Projecting Light Box
  • Projecting Sign Tray Sign
  • Projecting Sign Tray
  • Projecting Sign
  • Projecting Toilet Sign
Projecting Acrylic Sign1 Projecting Bar Hanging Sign2 Projecting Light Box3 Projecting Sign Tray Sign4 Projecting Sign Tray5 Projecting Sign6 Projecting Toilet Sign7

What is a Projecting sign system?

projecting sign is a sign that projects
or protrudes from a building at an angle,
normally 90 degrees, these are often
called a Blade signs, Protruding signs,
Panel and Bracket signs and more
commonly called a Projecting sign.
This type of sign allows customers to
see the business as they approach from
distance from either direction on a road.

We manufacture many types of projecting

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