Digital Wallpaper

Digital Wallpaper is a bespoke printed
wallcovering which allows you to transform
any Interior space. Custom printed using
the latest digital technology we can use
irtually any design, photograph or illustration.

The possibilities are limitless and we can print
to fit any size space.

Digital Wallpaper is durable, colourfast and
has a Class O and Class 1 fire rating.

In addition to Digital Wallpaper, we offer a
wealth of other interior products to personalize
your space, including, manifestions for glass,
art prints and signage.

Please contact us to discuss your project.



  • Conference Room Wallpaper
  • Feature Wallpaper Strips
  • Home Office Wall
  • Hospital Tulip Wallpaper
  • Hospital Waiting Room
  • Hospital Woodland Wallpaper
  • Office Walls
  • Red Payphone Wallpaper
  • School Harry Potter Wallpaper
  • School Nightingale Wallpaper
  • School Olympics Wallpaper
  • School Train Wallpaper
  • Wordle Wallpaper
Conference Room Wallpaper1 Feature Wallpaper Strips2 Home Office Wall3 Hospital Tulip Wallpaper4 Hospital Waiting Room5 Hospital Woodland Wallpaper6 Office Walls7 Red Payphone Wallpaper8 School Harry Potter Wallpaper9 School Nightingale Wallpaper10 School Olympics Wallpaper11 School Train Wallpaper12 Wordle Wallpaper13